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Your company will be incorporated in Austria within a week, you will have a tax number within one day, and your Austrian corporation will benefit from one of the world’s most extensive double taxation treaty networks, whether it is for keeping assets, financing, or trade.

Austria is strategically situated on the crossroads of East and West, and Vienna International Airport offers more than any other airport in the world, with fast connections to global corporate centers and 40 CEE destinations.

Employees in Austria are well-educated and industrious, and they rarely go on strike. Wage costs are reasonable when compared to the EU average, and the country’s labor regulations are extremely flexible. Due to these characteristics, Austria is an attractive hub for companies wishing to expand from Western Europe to the CEE/CIS, or vice versa.

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Business overview in Austria

Austria is a fantastic place to start a new business. It has a developed industrial economy with a skilled workforce, a business-friendly tax system, high consumer expenditure, and political stability.

Austria is strategically placed in the EU’s heartland, allowing businesses easy access to many key markets such as Switzerland, Italy, Germany, and France. It’s a lovely place to work, which makes it even easier to recruit top-notch personnel.

When starting a new business in Austria, there are numerous stages to take. Choosing a business structure, settling on a business name, and registering your firm for tax purposes are all milestones in this process.

We have qualified professionals on staff who can assist you with the formation of your business.

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