Company formation in Austria

Prepare to provide details about the type of business you intend to start. Create legal paperwork for your company and get them notarized. Gather, prepare, and submit the required incorporation documents for approval to the Trade Register. In Austria, open a bank account. These are the first steps when forming a company in Austria.

We recognize that the incorporation procedure is only the beginning of a new company’s issues, therefore we provide a variety of services to guarantee that your firm runs successfully.

Considering Austria

Austria is one of Europe’s wealthiest countries, attracting international investors from all over the world. Austria, with its stable political structure and economy, also has a talented workforce that has played an important part in the country’s progress thus far.

The law also encourages the formation of new businesses, and international investors can take advantage of a simple and flexible company registration process.

Form a company in Austria

Our experts will assist you in saving time and money, as well as reducing the dangers that may arise if local procedures and deadlines are not adhered to correctly.

Form a business in Austria reliably

We offer complete business formation and registration services, including the creation of Articles of Incorporation and other legal documents required for registration.

Business formation steps

Conduct market research to see whether your idea has the potential to become a profitable business. Create a business plan that will serve as a road map to your goals.


Market research

Foreign enterprises interested in doing business in Austria will find plenty of opportunities, particularly in the areas of telecommunications, apparel and footwear, gardening equipment and pet care items, food and drink, environmental/renewable products, and financial services. Business and consumer services, advanced engineering, creative and media, chemicals, energy, food and drink, education and skills, health and safety, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, and tourism are some of the other areas that might be tapped.


Choosing the company name

Choosing a name for your company can be a difficult task. You want a name that will stand the test of time and, ideally, encapsulates both your ideals and your company’s defining traits.


Document preparation

We know how stressful it is the preparation of your documents. We are dedicated to lifting those burdens of yours.


Corporate bank account

We help you choose the finest bank for your business because every company is different and requires specific circumstances to help you succeed. We can also help you set up bank communication and prepare the necessary bank paperwork. 


Tax identification number

We assist you in getting your tax identification number.


License acquisition

We help you acquire licenses for the smooth running of your company.

We also feed you vital information in regards to the license acquisition.

Call us now and enjoy all our services. 

Consultation about company formation

Our professionals will help you save time and money while also minimizing the risks that may arise if local regulations and deadlines are not followed appropriately. We provide full-service business formation and registration, including the preparation of Articles of Incorporation and other legal documents needed for registration. Our philosophy is excellence.

Form a company by one of the following types of business structure:

Private Company Limited by Shares

We are a talented collection of highly experienced individuals who specialize in multi-disciplinary projects and provide specialized services. Press the button below to find out more information about our Private Company Limited by Shares solutions.

Public Limited Company

We are a talented team of highly skilled individuals tasked with bringing your business idea to life.

For you, we’re looking for cost-effective, practical, and innovative business incorporation choices. Form Public Limited Company with help of our assistance.

Other formation solutions

Branch Office

We can assist you with the formation of your holding company. We are a talented team of highly skilled individuals tasked with bringing your business idea to life.

Holding Company

You can relax while our experienced team takes care of everything with our branch formation packages, which include bank account setup and VAT registration for the branch.

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