Holding Company in Austria

A holding company is a business that focuses on owning a controlling stake in the securities of other businesses. A holding business isn’t normally involved in the production of goods or services. Its goal is to build a corporate group by owning shares in other companies.

We help you build and expand your parent company by establishing a holding company for it.

Setup a Holding Company

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Holding company formation procedure

The Wiener Zeitung publishes a notice of incorporation, which is followed by registration with the Tax Office.

The next step is to register with the appropriate body in the Trade Register. Employees must be enrolled in social security if the company has them.

The registration with the municipality is the final stage in the incorporation process. The registration in the Trade Register, for social security, and with the municipality takes place at the same time as the tax office registration.

Requirements to form a Holding company

Before being registered in the local court, the articles of association or declaration of the establishment must be notarized. The minimum share capital must be put in a bank account, and a certificate of deposit must be requested at the outset.

Necessary documents

Some documents required for incorporation include the business name, the name of the business agent, and your company’s articles of incorporation.

Our legal experts will assist you in preparing these documents in a stress-free manner.

Form a Holding company in Austria

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Other legal forms in Austria

Austria is home to a diverse range of businesses. A limited liability company, or GmbH, is the most prevalent. Despite this, a sole proprietorship is the simplest type of business to start because there are no share capital requirements.

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