Private Company Limited by Shares in Austria

Austria is home to a wide variety of companies. Limited liability companies, or GmbHs, are the most popular. Despite this, a sole proprietorship is the simplest type of business to start due to the lack of a necessity for share capital. We are experienced, goal-oriented, and dedicated to handling the squawks at your company.

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Private Company Limited by Sharesy registration conditions

Before GmbH registration applicant must:

  • Confirm if the company name is available to use by contacting the Economic Chamber.
  • Before a notary, draft and sign the Memorandum and Articles of Association.


It can take up to two weeks to establish a GmbH in Austria.


To establish a GmbH, you’ll need a minimum share capital of 35,000 euros. At least half of the share capital must be paid up in full before the company can be formed. A bank certificate is required to verify the company’s bank account’s minimum deposit of 17,500 euros.

Compulsory regulation

In Austria, all limited liability companies must choose a company name that does not clash with the name of another legal organization.

The acronym “GmbH” must be at the end of every company name. The company name can include a feature of the business’s nature or object that can be inferred and understood by third parties. In addition, the company name can include a combination of shareholders’ surnames as well as the nature of the business.


The following documents are required: 

  • Application submitted to the Austrian Commercial Court,
  • Commercial Register entry,
  • Specimen signature statement/s by the managing director/s, attested by a notary public,
  • Evidence of payment of the cash contribution,
  • Evidence on the payment of the share capital transfer.

We can help prepare and guide you through the filing of the documents necessary for the incorporation.

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A commitment to satisfying our customers, to accurate document filings, to prompt service for those matters under our control, and to supporting our valued clients’ best interests. We cling to your hands and lead you to your promised land. Our services are knitted to your satisfaction and greatness.


Every company is required to file annual returns. A financial statement must be included in the returns and filed with the government. The amount of information contained in each financial statement is determined by the company’s size. You can find more information by clicking the button below:


Profits are taxed at a rate of 25% for corporations. When forming the GmbH, a capital transfer tax of one percent of the share capital is paid. When a GmbH receives dividends from a foreign subsidiary, it is exempt from dividend tax.

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