Public Limited Company in Austria

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Public Limited Company registration conditions

Our legal experts will assist you in the incorporation process. To be incorporated as an AG, a company must have at least one director, one shareholder, a legally registered address in Austria, and at least €70,000 in share capital, of which at least 25% must be paid before registration. A statutory auditor is required of an AG, as is the submission of complete financial statements to tax authorities.


The registration process with the IRS can take up to two weeks. A business license application takes a few hours to complete and a total of seven weeks.


The average charge for an Austria engagement is €14,920, which covers all government fees as well as company formation and obtaining a local corporate bank account.

Compulsory regulation

The Austrian PLC, also known as an AG in Austria, is the legal entity recommended for entrepreneurs seeking financing to list on the Vienna Stock Exchange Market. For incorporation, the minimum share capital of €70,000 is required, with at least 25% of the total sum payable at the start of the process. One shareholder and director must be nominated, whether they are foreigners or locals.

AGs, like LLCs, are required to register for value-added tax if their yearly turnover exceeds €30,000 and to employ a statutory auditor.

Our legal experts will guide you through the incorporation process.


To complete the process, you will need to present the following documents: 

  • Directors and stockholders must have notarized passports or identification cards,
  • The company’s legal documentation,
  • A lease agreement with a local address for the company’s Austrian office,
  • Documentation for managers and directors, such as copies of passports, identification cards, residency permits, and so on,
  • Information on the distribution of shares among shareholders 
  • Details of an Austrian bank account.

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Consultation about Public Limited Company registration

We recognize that the incorporation process is only the beginning of a new company’s issues; as a reason, we provide a broad variety of services to ensure that your firm runs smoothly.

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Managers must provide an annual financial statement, comments on the accounts, and an annual report for the previous financial year within the first five months of the current fiscal year. Within the first eight months of the new fiscal year, the annual general meeting must approve the (audited) financial accounts. Within nine months after the balance sheet date, company reports must be audited and lodged with the commercial register. Failure to achieve this deadline will result in fines.


Income tax in Austria is determined at a proportional rate based on your annual earnings. Rates fluctuate year to year, and they currently range from 25% to 55%. In most cases, the self-employed rate is approximately 25%. In Austria, married couples and households are not subject to joint taxation.

Bank account

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Other legal forms in Austria

The Company Act is the legal framework in Austria that governs the formation of businesses. It establishes sole proprietorships, Austrian limited liability companies, Austrian public limited liability companies, Austrian branch offices, and other business entities.

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